The principle of the vocalization of the thumb

- Sep 18, 2019-

The principle of the thumb piano pronunciation is the vibration of the steel reed. This vibration model can be abstracted into the free vibration of the cantilever beam.

Thumb piano tuning method

1. The longer the free end of the gong is extended, the lower the vibration frequency.

2. The lower the vibration frequency of the sound, the lower the pitch.

1. The pitch is low and the length of the free end is reduced.

2. The pitch is high and the length of the free end is increased.

kalimba picture

For the specific operation method of adjustment, a cylindrical tool of wood, plastic or the like can be used to push the gong automatic end to shorten or push the fixed end to extend the free end. It is particularly important to note that when pushing the free end, the free end has a relatively large extension length. When applying the thrust, hold the adjusted gong. Do not let it swing up and down. Otherwise, the gong may be bent due to the instability of the pressure rod. Damage, the direction of the thrust is as far as possible along the center line of the gong, otherwise the gong may be turned to the left or right, and it will be corrected back.

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