The trend of board games

- May 12, 2019-

According to Euromonitor, table games sales totaled $9.5 billion in 2016. Table games have become the fastest growing industry in many countries. According to the data provided by NPD company, the total sales of board games in 2017 increased by 24% compared with 2016, which shows the rapid growth of the heat of tabletop games.

In 2011, the total sales of table games were $7.6 billion. From 2011 to 2016 , the market sales of table games maintained an average annual growth rate of 17%. Moreover, 2015 was the key year for the revival of board  games, and the growth rate after 2015 was more than 20%.

Unlike the Internet industry, the board game industry does not follow the general "winner-take-all" model. The top five board game companies in the industry only account for 40% of the market share.

The production of computer board games often requires millions of investment and dozen of people to cooperate, while the development of table games can start  by raising funds from the public.

board game bag

Because of this, the independent development market of table games is more active than ever before, and men of talent come out in succession. But more importantly, the board games industry has been supplemented by global fans who are willing to invest time and money to help the game get better.

"The best thing is that people's love and contact with table games is far from saturated," says the sales manager of Esdevium Games. "We can see the growth of table games everywhere, whether from the number of people participating in the exhibition, Kickstarter or table games."

It can be predicted that as more and more people know about table games and the characteristics of Kickstarter, more and more creative designers will publish their games independently. With the cruel screening mechanism of the market, only really good board games will remain, and fans around the world will be more easily involved in the creation of each table game.