The Ukulele Buying Guide from Height Music

- Apr 09, 2019-

Finding the right ukulele for you can be a difficult task. There are different woods, types and brands on the market, but it is very valuable when you find the right size. It is not like a wand and a wizard (Harry Potter reference). In this guide, I will try to explain the main differences between ukulele types. Follow the same main structure as Alistair Wood’s Ukulele Hunt guide.

The woods

  If you have done some research, you will notice that there are many different woods for ukulele: monkeypod, mahogany, mango, koa, mahogany, cedar, acacia… I will discuss the most common.

  Koa is a wood in Hawaii, so most of the ukuleles from Hawaii are made of koa. Koa wood has a beautiful texture and a very warm sound, which is amazing. Koa wood is used for the more expensive ukulele. The middle ukulele is usually made of mahogany (and of course the more expensive solid mahogany ukulele). Mahogany sounds softer than the ukulele made by Koa, but it is still a good wood choice and it’s cheap. In addition to koa and mahogany, spruce is the most common one. Spruce is used in low-end ukuleries (such as Mahalo’s).

  With regard to solids and lamination, these terms are self-evident. But in a nutshell, sturdiness means that the wood you see outside is also the inner wood. Laminating is cheaper than solids, meaning that the interior uses cheaper wood and a small piece of better wood is used outside. It improves the aesthetics compared to solid wood ukulele, but does not improve the sound.

The Brand

  Regarding the ukulele brand, I would like to introduce you to the brand of Height. The ukulele wood production here is the best, there are also various types of ukulele, as long as you need it, the Height will be meet you. And the price is very beautiful.


  It’s important to do a good job of studying the Ukulele you want to buy, because you may like it for many years after purchase. Like a musical instrument, if you can, try the local music store. Otherwise, check the comments and ask the store what they recommend for your level. If you really want to play the ukulele of this game I would recommend skipping the cheaper beginner’s suit ($20 to $30), but from a decent $50 to $100 ukulele Start. It will make your life easier (about tuning, intonation, etc.), you will like and pick up more!

What online store do I recommend? –Height musical instrument supplier.

I hope this guide will help you choose an excellent ukulele that you will like.

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