The Ukulele Player's Right Hand Nails and Playing Style

- Apr 26, 2019-

Music is made up of two basic parts: pitch and rhythm. And to a large extent, these principles are embodied in the chords and the speaking hand. For 90% of us (sorry about the 10% lefties), the right hand is about rhythm. In fingertip playing, the techniques of plucking and sweeping are often reflected in their most intimate tool: the fingernail of the right hand. Manicure is not just a cosmetic requirement for players, it is very specific and often has little to do with visual aesthetics (and for fans).

A string player's fingernails are asymmetrical on both sides, and most serious players have very short chord fingernails, so basically everyone has the same fingernails on the left hand, but looking at the right hand, things get really crazy for the average person.The clipped fingernails of a ukulele player's right hand can tell a great deal about the way they play. Today's ukulele world is a time of many flowers, and these top ukulele players have different ukulele styles.

Classic Concert Laminate KOA Hawaiian Ukulele

Hawaiian Style

Hawaii style of play that combines play melodies and brush strings, the following two performers were shored up with the little finger in the panel, to improve the stability of the play, then usually use forefinger and middle finger and the thumb are often used to express the stress tool, so often need to wear long (two thumb, is often used to increase the length and adjust the touch tone).

Bryan Tolentino

Bryan Tolentino

"I use acrylic nails (crystal nails) and my finger function is very well developed on stage. The nails I have done are thicker than normal, which increases my strength. I also polish my index and middle fingers regularly and they get longer and longer."

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