The Ultimate Board game Bag

- Apr 10, 2019-

The most comfortable and convenient game pack ever, you can protect expensive board games anytime, anywhere! You like your game. So why would you believe in a cheap plastic bag to transport your game? At Height! We believe that your board game should be absolutely the best. Good news? We have the best way to launch your game. Bad news? You are not now…now.


In our design of the best board game pack, we focused on three main points. Protected, durable and comfortable.The extensible game section allows you to keep the package compact to carry some games, but to turn into a huge game cave, it’s your turn to bring all the games in turn. Let us face it, every time.


Of course, we can make this bag with cheap materials, but this will make your package open, crack your package, and get that weird “fuzzy” problem. To be honest, this will make your bag look very good. Bad. Believe me, I have a pair of super comfortable pants, everything is very blurry, I can only wear around the house, because of fear of ridicule. We don’t want you to wear these bags only at home, so we chose the best quality materials!


Ultimate Board Game Backpack

Cheap materials will also open your game and ruin it from the elements. That’s why we use waterproof 600D ripstop nylon, which uses interwoven materials to provide significant tear and abrasion resistance, helping to prevent any tear propagation and put your game at risk!

A pleasant rainy day may make you unprepared, and your handbag won’t cut it. Without these waterproof zippers, you might ruin your board game, which means you will return empty-handed. You have the best game of the night, and the only remaining game is the battleship. Everyone hates you. We don’t want everyone to hate you, so we chose an oversized waterproof zipper.


The shoulder straps on our bags are made from moisture wicking nets. What does that mean? This means our mesh is hygroscopic. No one likes to sit next to someone wearing a shirt. The extra padding on the shoulder strap will make you look like nothing. But don’t forget that you are actually carrying your backpack, because that may get ugly soon.

What are you thinking about such a good bag? Come and buy it.


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