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- Aug 13, 2019-

Pipe organ is a purely religious instrument that is usually built at the same time as the church or opera house that owns it - because the structure of the Pipe organ is directly attached to the building structure. Therefore, the Pipe organ has no clear specifications and determines the size of the organ according to the size and economic strength of the church or the opera house itself. The organ is a free reed instrument similar to a reed instrument, played in a similar way to other keyboard instruments.

The range is very wide, usually using a multi-layer keyboard with a pedal keyboard underneath. The root cause is controlled by many roots. The high-pitched portion is recorded with the treble clef, and the low-pitched portion is recorded with the low-pitched clef. The pedal portion was scored using a double bass score. The organ is large and rich in sound, and is especially suitable for playing serious and sacred religious music in a solemn atmosphere. Roman Roland wrote that Christopher heard the voice of Pipe organ for the first time. “The chill from head to toe is like baptism.”

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Where does the Pipe organ come from? How is it formed? This basic question is difficult to answer. Even so, there is still a romantic myth to fill this gap. According to legend, this Pipe organ comes from "the gods play the flute", this reed flute is exactly what he loves secretly, that is, the daughter of the river god. It turns out that Heshen's daughter wants to escape the pursuit of the goddess and asks her father to turn himself into a reed. The shepherd did not know the situation and cut the reeds into a row to comfort the relationship. In this way, God's flight instrument is introduced as an ancestor of the Pipe organ, characterized by a set of different tones of the reed flute, which is produced by blowing air.

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In the 3rd century BC, the organ of the water pressure control bellows invented by the ancient Greek architect Alexis Kysibio was called the earliest organ. In the Roman era, the Pipe organ became a popular entertainment tool among the nobility. After the peak of the Pipe organ in the Bach period, it has been a long time since today. Whether it is the manufacture and music of Pipe organ, Bach is still the leader of the Pipe organ.

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Today, the world's largest Pipe organ is located in an auditorium in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. It was built in 1930 and cost more than $500,000. The Pipe organ has a total of 33,112 air ducts for pronunciation, 1477 voice-activated tones and 19 sound zones with 7-row keyboards. Such a huge Pipe organ can of course not be played by human resources. Therefore, a 365-horsepower blower was installed specifically for it. Since the wind pressure is too large, it is impossible to shake the keyboard with a simple mechanical device and operate with a hydraulic transmission.

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