Three sizes and features of ukulele

- Dec 02, 2019-

Ukulele has different sounds due to its different sizes. Many people mistakenly think that the size of ukulele is designed for people of different heights or ages, but in fact, the different sizes of ukulele are designed with different timbre frequencies and playing styles. Therefore, the choice of ukulele is based on the different preferences and uses of each person to choose the right size.

Take 21inch as an example (even a smaller pocket Uke), because its smaller Size is perfect for carrying when traveling. On the other hand, since the 21 inchukulele has a short chord length (the length of the upper chord to the bridge), the high frequency performance is more prominent; and the low frequency is relatively small. Therefore, 21 inch ukuri is also more suitable for playing a more lively and lovely style.


26inch ukulele has a longer effective chord. Compared with inch; it has less treble and richer bass, so 26 ukulele is also more suitable for playing, comparing the songs of “great taste” (because the overall tone is thicker), while 23 inch Curry, we can think of this product that is just between 26inch and 21inch, the tone frequency performance is more moderate and versatile, so if the situation allows, we actually recommend 23 ukulele After the introduction of the piano and other vocal awareness and demand, add 21 inch and 26 inch ukuri, in fact, it is also a rational purchase strategy!

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