Thumb piano selection techniques

- Apr 28, 2020-

This thing is basically by analogy, like buying a guitar, to see the wood, craft, string material, and so on! Four controllable purchasing points are determined:

1. The soundbox structure, which is also the main wooden structure of the thumb piano, must have a big sound hole in front of it. In this way, the concert will be more ethereal.

HT17M Mahogany

2. Like the guitar, the thumb piano has the normal version and the electric box version. The electric box version can be connected with external speakers, which is mainly used for performance.

3. The wood structure material of the piano body is also affected by the humidity of the air. In the north, it is relatively dry in winter.

HT10K koa wood kalimba 5

HT17MS mahogany 4

4. There are 17 notes, 15 notes, 10 notes, 8 notes, and 5 notes on the market now. The more the number of notes, the richer the repertoire you can play.

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