- Mar 20, 2019-

Playing your cajon music box on your own, in a bedroom or practice studio is one thing; playing & interacting with other live musicians & with your audience is something completely different!

Timing is the hub of the wheel. You as percussionist are critical to that timing. The foundation you create for other musicians & how you make the music feel will dictate your success as a band & also with your audience if you play music that people want to dance to.

Many brilliantly technical musicians who are amazing on their own but are totally useless when you put them with other musicians. Why? Because their technique (or perhaps a need to impress others) has eclipsed the reason they are a drummer or percussionist.

Bass Wood Cajon Drum Box

Why this long preamble? Because our timing is our passport to successful playing. Learn about it. Listen to music from all sorts of different musical genres (especially those you would not normally listen to). See what works. Listen to what is being played & more importantly, listen to what is NOT being played.

Your drum box cajon will, in most instances form the foundation for the other instruments in your band. Therefore, it will fall on your shoulders to hold the rest of the musicians up & hold them together (even if they don't admit it).

Understand how your different cajon tones fit into what you're playing & how they make it feel. Do you need grace notes or ghost notes? How much space does it need? Do you need to play at all? These are all key questions that need to be considered, initially it may be a conscious thought process, but as you become more experienced it will become a habit.

Key Advice:As cajon player (percussionist/drummer substitute) it is your responsibility to create a solid foundation with good feel for your fellow musicians. If you are playing for dancers, this is even more important as your playing will dictate how well they can dance. Spend time listening ESPECIALLY MUSIC THAT YOU DON'T NORMALLY LISTEN TO & learning what it is that is needed.Always make technique your slave; don't become a slave to technique.

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