Top Three Ukulele Tips for Beginners

- Apr 10, 2019-

There are many of these “Top Three Tips” on the Internet. I will try to add something with my own personal top ten tips to start the ukulele player. When I bought my first ukulele, I was completely unprepared, but I had some guitar background advantages. I will try to give you some very useful tips, and when you start playing the ukulele, it will give you a quick start. Be sure to check out “Before buying the Ukulele Guide and the “Ukulele Buying Guide”.

1. Get a decent ukulele.

This is the most important one when you are serious about learning how to play a ukulele. There are some good ukuleles in the $100 range, but you are almost certainly not as good as the Ukulele under $50.

The main problem you will encounter is that it can’t be coordinated. I said it based on experience. I once bought a “Harley Benton” soprano worth $45, and even a plucking can’t keep the tone of the E string. So be warned! Check out the Ukulele Buying Guide to find the right ukulele and try some ukuleles at your local music store if you have the chance.

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2. Have fun!

The Ukulele is a fun instrument. Some people may refer to the Ukule as a toy, so toy toys are fun! But it’s really not a toy, it’s a real instrument, you can use it to do great things. Don’t mistake it for a simple instrument, you need to practice a lot to master it, but even if you only know the basics it is already very interesting! I like to play it without knowing that you will improve every day.

3. Learn how to hold your ukulele.

This may sound stupid, but it can help you a lot in the future! Take a few minutes to try sitting and standing. When you are sitting, you can put the body of the ukulele on one of your legs and place your playing arm on top of the Ukulele. In this way, the ukulele neck should “float” in the air.

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