Type of pickup

- Nov 04, 2019-

Divided into two categories: Single Coil Pickups and Humbucker Pickups/ Humbucking Pickups.


Single-coil pickup structure: centered on a magnet, surrounded by enamelled copper coils, combined into an electromagnetic sensor. Guitars that often use single-coil pickups include Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. The single-coil pickup creates a crisp, bright sound that is perfect for playing a variety of musical styles. Even so, it is more susceptible to interference from external magnetic fields, which produces noise; in addition, it produces a relatively weak tone.


guitar pickup

A two-coil pickup can be understood as the use of two single-coil pickups in parallel and packaged in a group. One special feature of the double coil is that when the two are connected in reverse, the click that is normally picked up in the single-coil pickup is eliminated, which is the origin of the English name Humbucker Pickups.

Due to the wide range of strings touched by the two-coil pickup, the range of the sound is wider, and the tone of the sound becomes louder. It is worth noting that while removing the hum, a part of the high frequency is eliminated. Therefore, it tends to bring out thick intermediate and low frequency sounds. The sound is saturated and warm, suitable for playing the sounds with broken sound. For example: rock and metal music songs. Guitars that often use double-coil pickups include Gibson Les Pauls and Gibson SG’s.


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