Types of Acoustic Guitar

- Sep 16, 2020-

Jumbo type

This type of guitar has a huge body unmatched by all types of guitars. The huge body makes the resonance effect excellent, and the sound is sufficiently guaranteed. The slim waist design makes it have a certain Auditorium. Tonal characteristics, so this kind of guitar is applicable to a wide range of styles. The "Elvis" as we know it likes to use Jumbo guitar very much. It is very suitable to use Jumbo to play the Country Blues style.

Type D

This type of guitar should be our most common, which is what we are used to commonly known as "folk guitar." The standard is 41 inches, the body is relatively large, and the waist of the guitar is not very prominent. Because of the large body of this guitar, the resonance effect is excellent, and the bass is very strong, suitable for singing and accompaniment.




OM type

In fact, the appearance of the OM type guitar is very close to the Auditorium type guitar. There are only some subtle differences, that is, the area difference between the upper and lower parts of the guitar waist is not as large as that of the Auditorium, and its tone characteristics are similar to those of the Auditorium. There is no difference, so the OM type guitar It's also very suitable for finger-style. Tommy, the famous fingerstyle guitarist, likes to play with OM-type guitars.

Type A

Compared with the D-type guitar, this type of guitar seems to be smaller in the figure, and the waist is also larger than the Dreadnought curve. For example, if Dreadnought is a woman, then the Auditorium is a girl, hehe, this kind of guitar I think it’s a little worse than Dreadnought’s timbre because Auditorium is not as good as Dreadnought in resonance, but Auditorium’s characteristic is the balance and softness of the timbre, which makes it very suitable for guitar performance. It is very suitable for fingerstyle players!

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