U-bass Ukuleles Zebra Wood

- Mar 12, 2019-

Main Features:Popular Electric Bass Uke ,U-bass ukuleles zebra wood

1.Comes with pick up with volume,bass, mid, and treble control.

2.Use Italian Aquila Nylon strings which assure tuning stability provides increased accuracy of fret-intonation.

3.Made from the finest high quality materials including a zebra wood body.

U-bass Ukuleles Zebra Wood

People appreciate ebony, begin with its grain colorful. Black and golden silk crisscross, like flowing water, on the wood to write a picture of the atmosphere, the texture of zebra flow patterns, dynamic, bring the west African plateau unique wild romantic;

Its colour and lustre coruscate metal feels, dazzle colour is dazzing, it is a kind of contemporary feeling dye-in-the-wood.

In ebony natural wood color, aureate with black curve leap before one's eyes, colour is marked and have flow feeling extremely, any one cut face can show the aesthetic feeling of mu wen clearly.

And ebony wood draw materials rate is low, woodiness is hard, treatment difficulty is big, so every product that makes with ebony wood overflows powerful natural breath fully.

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