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- Jun 09, 2020-

In order to become an official Ukulele player, in addition to buying a satisfying Ukulele, you also need to prepare some indispensable accessories.

1. Ukulele bag:

It can protect Ukulele from bumps, water, and some accessories. Generally, the original piano case may be thin and has little protection. It is recommended to buy a [thickened] ukulele bag. Of course, you can also choose the style color you like. Note: Check the size of the ukulele case before purchase. If you are a 26-inch piano, but you buy a 23-inch ukulele bag, you can't fit it.

Wholesale Butterfly Wood Ukulele

Ukulele Gig Bag

2. Tuner:

The first step before practicing every time is to "tune", especially before the performance, you must tune again 5 minutes before taking the stage to ensure the tone.

Youcan also download the tuning app. Its advantage is that it can be tuned by using the mobile phone anytime and anywhere. But there will be the problem of inaccurate tuning. Only suitable for daily practice tuning.


Tuner For Ukulele

Colorful Ukulele Capo

3. Capo:

In Ukulele's playing, I sometimes encounter a song I like, but the tune is too low. At this time, we can use the transpose clip to increase the pitch, starting from the first product and then down, the pitch increases semitone each time. You can try it on their own. So, what if the key is too high? At this time, we can only use our musical knowledge to "transpose".

4. Music stand, ukulele stand:

As the name implies, one is for music and the other is for ukulele. The music stand can be universal for guitar ukulele, but the ukulele stand must be purchased for ukulele only (Because it is different from the guitar size).


Folding Ukulele Stand

Music Accessories Ukulele Strap

5. Strap:

If you are standing and playing Ukulele, in order to prevent the ukulele from falling suddenly during playing, we usually carry the straps. Straps need to be purchased exclusively for Ukulele, (smaller than the guitar) and are divided into cross-body and neck-hanging styles. (The tail nail needs to be installed before installing the strap).

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