Ukulele beginners must get started!

- Mar 16, 2019-

Know ukulele

Ukulele, the English name Ukulele, is also translated into Ukulele.

If I say it is a Hawaiian piano, you must know what it looks like right away. Its shape is a miniature version of the guitar, but the guitar is a ukulele, while the ukulele has only four strings.

Ukulele means "the gift of arrival." It has many sources. It is more convincing that the Portuguese colonists brought to Hawaii. Hawaiians see this piano is small and exquisite, timbre or light and lively, or soft and sweet, it is called "jumping flea."


Ukuleri is relatively small overall, and is very suitable for children and girls whose fingers are not long enough. Plus it is easy to carry, if one day goes out, this baggage is not heavy, maybe you can still eat.

Haha, there should be applause here!

However, there are not many 30-inch ukuleles on the market, mainly concentrated in three sizes of 21, 23 and 26.

The 21-inch is very suitable for children and girls, small and exquisite, looks very cute.

The 26-inch performance is perfect for the sound, it is more suitable for professionals, it is more difficult for beginners.

The 23-inch is very suitable for beginners to choose from, which can balance both sound and touch.

Ukulele material

The most recognized material for making ukulele is the rare hardwood species Acacia from Hawaii, but because of the scarcity of this tree, felling has been banned. Even if some high-end brands still exist, it was stored many years ago, so the price is extremely expensive.

The common Acacia wood currently on the market is produced in Taiwan, and some Southeast Asian countries, the price is relatively suitable.

The price is more suitable to use mahogany, the sound quality is sweet, the appearance is beautiful, it is also good.

The difference between plywood, face single piano and full single piano

Veneer, as the name implies, refers to a piece of natural, native wood. The advantages of the veneer are very obvious, because it is a natural solid wood, the tone is comfortable and pure, and the residual sound can be wrapped around the beam.

The plywood is usually made up of three plates, and the middle is made of artificial plates, commonly known as plywood. Artificial boards are pressed by high-pressure chips and powders of wood, and many of them are now made of this material.

Plywood means that the panel, the bottom plate and the side panels are all plywood.

Face single piano means that the panel is a single board.

The whole single piano means that the panel, the bottom plate and the side panels are all single boards.

Ukulele structure

The head has four knobs on it to change the tension of the strings. Usually, there will be a brand logo on the head.

Under the head of the piano is the neck, with fingerboards on it, and the grid on the fingerboard is called a character. Character is a very important part of the performance process.

The piano barrel, also called the body and the resonance chamber, is used to expand the sound and adjust the tone.

The strings, ukulele, are made by the vibration of the strings, usually using nylon strings, which are more comfortable than metal strings.

The key question is coming, how to choose?

This depends on the individual's requirements for the piano.

In terms of price, it is recommended to select at least 500 pianos. To believe in the craftsmanship of the craftsman, for a penny, the quality of the body requires the processing of the craftsman. The ukulele around 500 is the threshold price that should be in the entry level.

In view of this price, it is natural to choose a plywood, and there is not much choice in wood. Of course, for ukulele, the material is important, the process is more important, and the single-board piano that is too cheap is not necessarily better than the plywood.

As for the size, I have already explained in detail in the front. I chose 23-inch, and the sound and feel are good. Both the finger and the play can be taken care of.

Of course, if your economy is more lenient, the space you choose will be much larger, so you can choose a ukulele that suits you according to my previous introduction.