Ukulele cleaning and maintenance

- Oct 17, 2019-

In order to keep the body clean and moist, you can often use the instrument-specific cleaner to clean the body. In addition to the body, the fingerboard is also a part that needs care. The usual ukulele fingerboards are made of rosewood.

The wood is porous and can't be painted, so it is easy to play after a long time. Accumulating dirt, it is also easy to lose the oil of the wood, resulting in rough surface or even cracking. Therefore, every time you change the strings, you can use the detergent to clean the fingerboard, and then use oil to nourish it, so that the ukulele instrument can maintain a high quality performance.

There are currently a variety of cleaning kits for musical instruments on the market, which are very effective and consume very little of these things.


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