Ukulele - entry level selection guide

- Aug 15, 2019-

There are many friends who have just come into contact with ukulele,in order to buy a favorite ukulele, there must be a lot of data search. We can choose the ukulele that we are satisfied with in terms of appearance, price, material, wood and size.

Party Favor Ukulele


This is basically your personal aesthetic tendency. Some people like dark colors and some people like light colors. Some people like varnish and some people like matt lacquer. Exaggerated or simple, lacking angles or not missing corners, ordinary heads or classical heads. How about the wood grain, it is almost impossible to force the maddening friends who have the choice of obstacles. So choose what you like. There are no two pieces of the same texture of wood, the piano is made of wood, so each ukulele is unique, and sometimes it is eye-catching.


Here are three concepts of plywood, veneer and full single.

Plywood refers to the overall use of the plywood, not solid wood. Advantages: cheap, easy to maintain. Disadvantages: Resonance, tone and volume are relatively poor.

The single-board piano refers to the use of solid wood on the front of the cabinet, and the back and side panels are still plywood. Advantages: The sound is better than the Plywood koto. Disadvantages: the price is more expensive than the plywood, you need to pay attention to maintenance.

The whole single piano refers to the fact that the whole box is solid wood, and the advantages are: good tone and large volume. Disadvantages: The price is more expensive than the single-board piano, you need to pay attention to maintenance.

Sapele Concert Ukulele


Common ones are:

The mahogany wood is darker in color, short and fine in texture, balanced in tone, gentle and full, and relatively inexpensive.

Spruce, lighter in color, straight in wood, bright and crisp in tone, and cheaper.

Acacia wood, wood grain, is the most suitable for ukulele wood, warm and bright, thick and full, of course, the price is more expensive.


There are many sizes and shapes for ukulele. The most common ones are the 21-inch S-type, the 23-inch C-type, and the 26-inch T-type. It is not absolute to choose which one to buy.

As for which one is more suitable for playing, which one is more suitable for fingering, there is no absolute. The main difference is that the 21-inch S-type is less character than the 23-inch C-type and the 26-inch T-type, so the range is narrower. In addition, the spacing of the characters will be large and small, the bias of the tone will be different, and the volume will increase with the increase of the cabinet.

21 Inch zebra Wood Ukulele

The 21-inch S-type sound is crisp and crisp, and it is very comfortable to play. The 23-inch C-type is especially recommended for beginners. The tone is moderately balanced and can be controlled at all ages. 26-inch T-type, recommended advanced selection, high volume, medium and low frequency to be added, if the girl's hand is small, it may be a little uncomfortable to play at first, but it is not a problem after proficiency.

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