Ukulele, musical instrument or toy

- Jun 02, 2020-

Ukulele's impression of the public is mostly a toy like a musical instrument. Due to its small size and guitar-like appearance, most people have "prejudice" about it, which does not affect its unique tone.


Sapele Concert Ukulele

Sapele Ukulele

The small size gives it a crisper high-pitched range, so in traditional Ukulele playing repertoire, we find that most of them are cheerful or light. Ukulele is a four-string guitar or Hawaiian mini guitar. This cute little thing originated in Portugal and developed in Hawaii. It is mentioned that Hawaii can think of local islanders in Ukulele wearing wreaths and grass skirts under coconut trees, and Ukulele, the original Hawaiian language of Ukulele It means "present gift".

Because of its small size and convenience, and its relatively cheap price in the musical instrument family, it became popular in the United States in the 1920s.


Grey Concert Custom Ukulele

Grey Color Ukulele

As relatives of the guitar, both are plucked instruments with the same interval between empty strings, but as the most obvious difference, the guitar is 6 strings, Ukulele is 4, and Ukulele with the longest neck under standard conditions Li will not exceed the length of the guitar, so this also limits the performance of Ukulele and the performance of some popular songs, but Ukulele has a lower grade of difficulty than the guitar. For some novice music lovers, Ukulele can be said to be very friendly, but this does not mean that Ukulele is a simple and brainless toy. Like all musical instruments, although the threshold is different, it is not an easy task to learn it, just like the master Ukulele Jake Shimabukuro, many guitar masters will be ashamed in front of him because it is small and exquisite, many are made of expensive materials Ukulele is also used as a craft or collection.

Spruce Walnut Concert Ukulele

Concert Ukulele

Ukulele is divided into three general standard sizes of 21 inches, 23 inches, and 26 inches. Different lengths and different ranges of application. 21 inches is more suitable for children, beginner girls or traveling, 23 inches is the most used base type, suitable for all-round crowds, and the playing form is more suitable for playing or improvising, 26 inches the body of the ukulele is relatively large, which is more suitable for fingerstyle. Of course, it is not inferior to playing.

It is simpler to say, Ukulele is a toy in the eyes of people who do not understand, but it may be more like a "real toy" in the eyes of people who can play it.

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