Ukulele production process knowledge

- May 09, 2019-

Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

1. The material that is more suitable for making ukulele is Koa, a rare hardwood species from Hawaii. It is called Hawaiian Acacia tree, light brown, beautiful wood grain road, high-grade flaming lines, but because of the long production cycle of this wood. ,Low Yield.

2. The processing, grinding and fixing of the panel and the backboard should be made according to the fixed template. Of course, the template must be precise, and the piano curvature is beautiful, the pronunciation is accurate, and the resonance effect is good.

3. Small guitar barrel shape can be made into different shapes, round shape, pineapple type, pear type, heart type, etc., can be designed according to customer requirements.

4. The panel, the bottom plate and the side panels are glued with the special glue of the wood, and then let it air dry after being pasted. At this time, the lower part of the piano has been formed, which is the part of the barrel and the place of pronunciation.5. The production of the neck, the general neck selection is the Oguman material, but also a kind of peach core, produced in Africa, the material is hard, the hole will not be deformed.6. The neck and the barrel of the piano are connected and fixed, and the inside is tightened with screws to ensure that the time will not be loose.

Spruce Zebra Wood Concert Ukulele

7. The semi-finished products with the neck and the barrel fixed should be placed for a few days, and those with individual deformations should be repaired.

8. Fixing the upper fingerboard of the neck. The general material used for the fingerboard is rosewood, which originated in Brazil and was later planted in Southeast Asia.

9. According to the different requirements of customers, spray various colors, the paint should be dried after a few days, so that the paint will completely penetrate into the wood, so that there will be no paint falling.

10. Press the strings and knobs. Now the strings for the small guitars are nylon strings. They have strong flexibility and long echo time. The knobs are usually made of metal for easy tuning.