Ukulele's maintenance knowledge

- Jun 03, 2019-

Many people don't know how to care for ukulele, which leads to a much shortened life of the instrument, so it is important to know how to maintain it.

Method: Usually there is nothing to play a bullet, playing the piano is the best protection. When you are not playing the piano, put it in the piano bag, do not put it on the ground or against the wall; avoid exposure to the sun, do not put it in a humid place, do not Long-term in the air-conditioned room, do not get close to the heating, avoid getting water, if the hand is wet, dry it before touching the piano.

Playing is the best maintenance for ukulele, because playing is the best way to dry wood. Using the way of playing to dry the wood, delicate and even, will remove excess water and oil, starch, and other substances, so that the sound is getting better and better. This process is often referred to as "opening".

Classical Sapele Concert Ukulele
Classical Sapele Concert Ukulele