Ukulele's maintenance needs to pay attention to a few things

- May 26, 2020-

Many friends do not know how to maintain it properly when they start Ukulele. Because wood is subject to physical changes due to climate change, maintenance is essential for all wooden instruments. A well-maintained ukulele can be used for decades or even hundreds of years. I hope you pay attention to a few points.

1. Air humidity:

The most important point is that the safer air humidity range is between 40-60%, which is also suitable for human survival. If the air is too dry or too humid, the wood will be deformed. The overly dry panel will collapse and the bridge will sink, resulting in a lower string pitch, which will affect the quality of the product. The chord pitch increases. The extreme humidity is for example below 30% or above 80%, which may even cause the wood to be glued or cracked. The entry-level plywood is generally made up of three layers of wooden clips and is relatively resistant to climate change.

This is equivalent to you can easily break a chopstick but it is difficult to break more if it is better for single-face or full-face ukulele, single-layer wood is very susceptible to humidity and is more likely to deform and crack than plywood.

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Many people don't know if the place where he lives is wet or dry. Of course, the best way is to buy a hygrometer, according to whether there is heating indoors in winter, and whether there is a long period of time in winter. If the temperature is below 0 degrees, there is almost no humidity in the air, all moisture will solidify and freeze.

How to maintain? The best way to buy a hygrometer is to measure humidity. If it is too dry, buy a humidifier to humidify. If it is too wet, use an air conditioner to dehumidify. The main reason is to control the air humidity between 40-60%. If the conditions do not allow, then make some perforated vials filled with moist sponges and put them in the ukulele bag or ukulele case. I usually put it in the ukulele bag when I don't play the ukulele. In the same way, if it is damp, buy a desiccant and put it in it. If it is very damp, you can buy a large bag.

Note: Do not place it near the heater or expose it to sunlight.

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2. Clean:

Cleaning problem: this is something everyone who cares about musical instruments will need to pay attention to. If possible, use some olive oil to wipe the fretboard. Don't use a lot of water to wipe the ukulele. A few drops of water are enough, don't use too much water.

The strings are usually wiped regularly, but fortunately, it is not necessary to directly wipe the steel strings without oxidation. If you have the conditions, you can change the sound of a new set of strings in two months. In other words, as long as the strings are not changed bad, it is not unusable, but the sound will become worse and worse.

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3. The best maintenance:

Speaking of the best maintenance is actually to play more and more and more, every day you play the ukulele, you will know the instrument in your hand, if there is a little change, you will get the gap and solve it in time, and playing the ukulele can accelerate the sound of the wood, improve the sound.

Don't stand against the wall when you don't play, it will fall easily, and there will be tension on the neck. Hang it on the piano stand or lay it flat on the table.

There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Like the Ukulele in your hand, there is no ukulele that will be cracked by nature, only the wood cracked because of no maintenance.

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