Ukulele's posture is important

- Feb 13, 2020-

For beginners of Ukulele, the posture of holding the ukulele is very important. Since many people have not developed a good posture for the ukulele at the beginning, it will be more difficult to adjust it later.

The key to mastering the posture of Ukulele is to flexibly use the elbow and wrist joints, while holding the Ukulele body firmly.

Beginners of ukulele sometimes feel that it is difficult to stabilize the ukulele when playing the rhythm. The ukulele posture is fixed with the right upper arm, the inner side of the forearm and the right side of the chest. When the ukulele body is clamped, you will feel that the elbow and wrist joints are not flexible, and you need to practice and adapt more; hold your left hand at the corresponding position to be played, and your thumb against the corresponding position.

the posture of holding the ukulele

You can play ukulele while standing or sitting, but both play the same posture. When sitting and playing ukulele, you can tilt your legs and put the piano on your legs to be more stable. Due to the small size of the ukulele, it is not necessary to use a strap, and some ukuleles have no place to attach the strap. If you feel unstable in playing the piano, beginners can purchase a small ukulele strap.

Beginner ukulele must be fixed in the standard posture, the back will make your playing more comfortable.

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