Ukulele Selection Criteria

- Mar 08, 2019-

1. The resonance of the piano: listen to see whether the sound is clear and lasting, how the resonance, must try a few more to have a comparative, but first in person to the store to try the piano;

2. Tuning:electronic tuner is used, which is usually available in shops. After the four strings are lowered from the top to the GCEA tuning, they are played under the 12th grade respectively.

3. Strings:the strings used by Ukulele are nylon strings, and the more advanced ones use gut strings. The energy of each string has been basically finalized at the factory, so it is difficult to make greater changes. Want to try a string to be pressed well additionally, if the distance between string and finger board is too big, also can ask shopkeeper to adjust string pillow, musical instrument bridge, make beginner feels good to press string.

Solid Koa Wood Concert Ukulele

It is very important to buy a piano that you like both in sound and appearance. Both the size, material and appearance of the piano should be selected according to your preference and reference to relevant professional materials. Kai, which means "sea" in Hawaiian, originates from the sea of life and allows all Ukulele lovers to roam the seas of Ukulele, spreading the positive power of music.

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