Ukulele self-study skills

- Jan 16, 2019-

imageRegarding the guitar, first you have to decide whether you want to learn classical guitar or folk guitar. The folks are good, except for the pain, there is nothing, if you really like this pain. Then buy a 500 or so piano on the store or a treasure to start! A folk guitar test standard tutorial, a guitar March pass, from the understanding of the structure of the piano, to the tuning of the string, the basic skills of the hand The grid has to be done every day, and it will try to practice the best rhythm pattern. The left hand's fingertips are smashed, and the hard ones are smooth. In fact, persistence is the best teacher. Guitar relies more on practice than on learning more. Music is the feeling of playing, after all, we can not regard it as a way to support their own craft. Any questions, ask the person who will be next to the guitar, tell you about it on the spot, and then recognize it clearly, continue to play, not so much nonsense, so-called this is why the interest is so true, more life is also very beautiful. Willing to go to a journey without purpose.

Ukulele, a small guitar, four strings, a strange voice, is less difficult than a guitar, but the music is exactly the same as the guitar. The hands will hurt, but the nylon strings are really good. It doesn't matter if you are squatting. You will gradually get used to it, recognize the chords, recognize the chords, recognize the rhythm type, impeach, sing and sing, buy books, and give you the feeling of music. Abundance.

When I was a guitar teacher, I told the students about the basics of the guitar according to the rules, but I always felt that the students were very reluctant to learn. The young age could not understand the real fun of the guitar. Playing the piano is not physical activity, interest support, simple life, I am a People, a piano, a world.

Young, the heat has not diminished.

One person, one piano, one world.