Ukulele Size Knowledge.

- Mar 07, 2019-

The ukulele comes in three standard sizes: 21 inches (S), 23 inches (C) and 26 inches (T).

21 "(S shape) : suitable for children, or petite girls, its advantages are clear and bright tone, small size, portable, relatively cheap price. However, the disadvantage is that it usually has only 12 to 15 characters, and it is relatively narrow, and the fingers are somewhat compact, and it will be a little cramped when playing some complex pieces.

23 "(C type) :15-17 product, it is a commonly used size, with richer and clearer timbre. Compared with the 21-inch moving finger, the size is the same as that of the 26-inch piano, which neutralize the advantages of 21-inch and 26-inch. It is a size to learn from each other, so the 23-inch size is moderate and practical, which is highly recommended for beginners. ;

26 "(T shape) :the piano is larger in body, richer in timbre than 21" in low and medium frequency, broad in character, generally 17-18 grade, convenient in movement, suitable for playing more complex solo music.

Flamed Maple Wood Ukulele Online

Choosing the right size depends on your likes and habits. Kai especially in kerry in the process of production and research and development products, strict with the size of the high standardization, adopt the original style of wood grain in the wood selection, abandoned the grandiose adornment, focus on the voice is the most true touched, and import high specification jean special side to monitor ring hole design, let every time you touch can hear the clear, pure joy brought by music.

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