Ukulele structure, introduction of the head

- Nov 11, 2019-

Overall structure

Appearance is divided into three parts, the head, the piano, and the resonance box.



Folk piano head: generally solid wood, using a column coil stringer, located on the surface of the head.

Classical head: The inner buckle is hollow, with two symmetrical chordal grooves and a horizontal axis winding, located inside the head.


Open knob: retro type, it is obvious that the parts can be seen for easy maintenance. If the screws are loose, manual adjustment is needed to better ensure the pitch.

Closed Knob: The style is different from the open one, and the appearance is more concise.

Most people think that the closure is better and more stable. It may be that as a beginner, they don't know how to maintain the knob. Therefore, it is more convenient to choose a closed type. This creates some minor misunderstandings about the choice of knobs.

In fact, there is no special difference between the two, and the difference in cost is not much different. Which knob to choose depends on your personal preference.

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