Use a cajon bag for board game transport

- Apr 02, 2019-

The Height bag was created to carry Cajon Drums , an percussion instrument originally from Peru. The Cajon drums are mostly made from wood. So for a musician, when carrying his instrument, it is important to protect it, the same way it is important for a board gamer to protect his games.

A Cajon drum size is approximately 330×320×520mm, so the bag has the perfect size for up to 50standard size board games stacked on top of each other. Again, for the longer board game boxes like Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers Shadows Over Innistrad Game, you can still insert them sideways in the bag.

Ultimate Board Game Backpack

The Height bag has a 10 mm padding, which is a good enough protection for your board games. It has a top handle made of rubber, and also shoulder straps to carry the games on your back.

It looks almost the same as the Game Haul bag. You open the bag by opening the front zipper. You load your board games by staking them on top of each others.The Height bag is design to stand up.Therefore, it is easy to display the games you have loaded in the board game bag. It is also easy to take out the board game you want to play with.

It is also a good choice to use the cajon bag for board games transport. The height board game bag will have a suit for you.

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