Uygen Wood Percussion Box

- Mar 12, 2019-

China Height Uygen wood percussion box adjustable 4 steel string on back .

Adjustable sound Board ,High quality finish,but lower cheap price . easily play,this cajon is good for flamenco ,Jazz.All models with 4 ruber fools. the cajon is Strong enough for Kids and Adults.

In long-term folk music activities, people adapt to the pursuit of music and aesthetic concepts, continuous improvement, its unique shape, elegant decorative pattern, the distribution of the strings, the quality of sound and musical instrument performance, has the strong national style, and form the unique musical instrument system, become a beautiful uygur traditional music culture, is also part of the colorful traditional music culture of the Chinese nation.

Uygen Wood Percussion Box

Standard Size : 30*31*48cm, for adults, students
Middle Size:30*31*37cm, for adults, students and small kids

Mini Size : 23*24*37 cm, for students and small kids

Travel Size: 9.5*23*29 cm or 4.5*23.5*29 cm as a travel cajon ,easy to carry for any aged people

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