Velvet bag

- Sep 29, 2019-

The velvet bag is also called a drawstring jewelry bag, a dice drawstring bag, and a jewelry bag. It is a loading container made of flannel material. However, all the bagged containers made of flannel-like materials are called velvet bags, which are a kind of cloth container for holding items. The velvet bag is also a kind of environmental protection bag.


The material of the velvet bag may be nylon velve; knitted velve; cotton velve, double velvet, plush and the like. This is only the most commonly used, other lesser materials such as: linoli, gemstone, electronic velvet, suede can be used as velvet bags.



Good practical performance: velvet bag material can withstand various printing processes such as wire mesh, hot stamping, hot silver, embroidery, thermal transfer, etc. It can print various l-pattern characters on the bag surface, enrich the product content, and make the product appearance fit.


 Lightweight and portable: the material of the flannel is light, and the quality of the cloth bag is light. The method of closing the rope is flexible, convenient and compact.


The velvet dice bag has a soft hand: high flexibility and abrasion resistance and durability.

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