What are the advantages of ukulele as an enlightenment tool?

- Sep 10, 2019-

As the world's simplest plucked instrument, Ukulele is a four-string Hawaiian stringed instrument, invented in Hawaii, native to Hawaii. At the beginning of the twentieth century, ukulele received attention throughout the United States and gradually spread to the international community.

The ukulele can be seen as a simplified version of the guitar. It is a small stringed instrument. Its original model is a 21-inch S-type. It is small and portable, mini cute. It is more suitable for children's body proportions. Get it and play it.

Ukulele uses nylon strings, warm and beautiful, and the stage is very expressive. It is suitable for playing simple and happy music, more suitable for children's age. The pose to play is particularly cute.

Cutaway Spruce Ukulele

The ukulele has two strings that are less than a guitar and the strings are very soft. The texture is nylon. Pressing it is easy, and chords are especially easy to remember. It is more in line with the intellectual development of children, from simple to complex. This is hard .

As a child's enlightenment instrument, the Ukulele is easy to use, can exercise the child's pitching ability and right hand coordination ability, thus promoting the common development of the left and right brain, simple and easy to operate features can stimulate children's learning interest and strengthen children's learning. Confidence lays a good foundation for learning other instruments in the future.

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