What Board Games are Suitable for Playing on the Train?

- Feb 20, 2019-

What Board Games are Suitable for Playing on the Train?

How to kill the boring time on the road/ride actually has been a problem.At the trip out of the door we often look down at the phone and sometimes will cause to vomit but still not reach the destination. The multiplayer, face-to-face nature of board games will keep you from getting bored on the train... However, limited by space and time, not all board games are suitable for traveling. Therefore, interesting, simple and easy to learn, low site requirements, short time has become the label we are pursuing,Start from today,Hodor will occasionally update some board game recommendations.

No.1:Colossal Arena

The Colossal Arena, designed by Reiner Knizia to Colossal the Colossal Arena. This designer's name must be familiar to all board game fans, such as mesopotamian, modern art and even the Chinese version of meo this year.

Game method is very simple, the basic pattern is similar to the PS4 games such as the "race chicken" dragon at the core. A great prehistoric monsters will be in a particular arena than who is the strongest, and the players need to do is each round of the game in his thought will survive monsters "bets", in the game after the end of each round, power will be the weakest creatures kill many creatures, in order to avoid their bets monster death, players can bet chip is increased by activating the betting monsters have a special ability to reverse the game, this is doomed to game of wit and will make the situation become very complicated. As the number of chips in the game decreases and the number of rounds in the game increases, the situation will become more and more clear. Therefore, it is very important to arrange reasonable gambling tactics in the game.This game requires only a few CARDS and a few indicators to start the game, and the way the game is played is quite simple and easy to understand, which is extremely suitable for the game during the journey with only small space for entertainment. The pleasure of this game can provide the player with a sense of satisfaction to the greatest extent. Both boys and girls can find special fun in this game, and the playing endurance is quite high. If you don't like violence aesthetics, you can even DIY a set of "little sister" CARDS to play, depending on your own or your friends' taste.

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