What is a music temperament ?

- Nov 21, 2018-

Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd News Departement will through this article to tell you what is a music temperament,and before learn how to play ukulele,cajon or kalimbas,or guitars ,you need to know such kind of basic knowledge of music.

The absolute accuracy of the sounds in the tone system and their relationship are called temperament. The music temperament is formed in the development of long-term musical practice. Among them, the main ones are known as "pure law", "five degrees of law" and "twelve temperament". Currently widely used in countries around the world is the "Twelve Average Law."

The musical temperament that divides the octave into twelve equal partsthe semitoneis called the twelve-average law.


The semitone is the smallest pitch distance in the twelve temperament organization. The distance between the two tones is equal to the two semitones called the full tone. There are twelve semitones in the octave, that is, six full tones.


What is the equal tone?

A sound with the same pitch and different meanings and notations is called an equal sound. Such as: #G=BA

The equal tone is based on the twelve-average law, because it is only possible to produce an equal tone if the semitones are equal.

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