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- Jun 19, 2020-

There is a small musical instrument that looks like a wooden box with a lot of slender iron pieces on it. It does not look very eye-catching, but the sound is very ethereal and gentle. This is the now popular Kalimba thumb piano. If you don’t know what a thumb piano is, then read this article.

Kalimba is a kind of African national musical instrument with national characteristics. Kalimba made by traditional African people mostly uses gourd melon, empty oil box and other materials to make resonance boxes. The materials used as shrapnel are also strange, such as spoons, bamboo strips, and strip-shaped metal pieces. Any strip you can think of may have assumed this position. Compared to musical instruments such as pianos, Kalimba is an obvious civilian musical instrument.

This musical instrument has been improved many times since its inception. The Kalimba which is currently on the market is an improved model, most of which are square, and a few brands also have special-shaped Kalimba. In terms of materials, in addition to the mainstream brands of wooden kalimba, there is also crystal kalimba.

Butterfly Koa Wood 17 Key Kalimba

Crystal  Kalimba

We recommend beginners to choose wooden thumb piano, because the wood fiber is fine, and the wood is naturally provided with air holes, the vibration brought by the keys can be transmitted more fully and evenly, and the sound quality effect will be better. The wood of the thumb piano includes mahogany, Okoume, walnut, and KOA wood. The tone of Kalimba made of different woods has no obvious grade, but only has its own characteristics.

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