What is cajon

- Apr 17, 2020-

Cajon, wooden case drum, Chinese professionals call it the box drum, the English name of the box drum, with the timbre of the wooden case drum, there is a high space for improvisation, very suitable for accompaniment in a variety of musical styles.

Black Basswood Cajon drum

Originally meant to be a wooden box or drawer, the Cajon is a musical instrument that is converted from waste into a wooden shape. Wooden drum strings or guitar strings will be installed in the drum box to produce resonance and produce a sound similar to that of jazz drum. Some advanced wooden drum box will add strainer, sound box piston pedals, and other percussion instruments (Tambourine...) in the drum box. And so on, increase the diversity of timbre. It is a wooden percussion instrument in the shape of a box. Popular in Cuba, Peru and other places. It is often used in flamenco and rumba music.


The drum has five sides with different sounds. There is a round hole for sound on the back of the drum. Some modern box drums have steel wires inside (small drum strings or guitar strings) to give the sound a more characteristic look. Nowadays, Cajon has also become an instrument used in modern music. Cajon can be easily modified. In addition to the strings, Cajon can even add a drum skin or modify Kalimba.

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