What is kalimba

- Apr 28, 2019-

The music use scene of kalimba is a kind of somatophones in the categories of Musical Instruments -- stringed Musical Instruments, wind Musical Instruments, skin Musical Instruments and body Musical Instruments.kalimba is mainly used for accompaniment singing, thumb piano is usually played in religious ceremonies or social activities.When playing, you should hold the body in both hands, and then play with two thumbs. When the thumb is pressed down and released, the steel plate will vibrate and make a sound.


kalimba has a special spectrum, from bottom to top line by line, the point where the play. Separate points on the same line need to be clicked simultaneously and played sequentially.If simplified notation is used, it is divided into two lines, the first line is the main melody, and the second line is the accompaniment sound. When playing from left to right, the two lines should be played together.Generally speaking, carinba is divided into 17 keys and 10 keys, 17 keys than 10 keys wide range, can play more music.



Toy Music 17 Keys Solid Mahogany Kailmba For Kids


A solid wood board carimba usually has a more even and clear tone.

The box-type resonance brings about greater volume, and the timbre is not as clear and even as that of the board type.

But the croaking or resonant tones add a lot to the tone.



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