What is Music Therapy?

- Mar 11, 2019-

When it comes to modern lyres, "music therapy" is unavoidable.So what is music therapy? A lot can be found on the Internet, which is simply a young, self-contained fringe science. There are several key descriptions in the text that introduces the modern lyre:


"Designed for children with special needs";

"Overcoming the mechanical complexity of the piano";

"To show the universe and express the harmony between man and nature";

"Nourishing children's senses";

"Instruments of the mind".


Of the twelve senses, hearing is the only one that reaches to the soul. The cochlea's spiral channels may help the sound to break down the spatial boundaries and reach the spatial world of the soul. In a word, music can directly touch the heart, and the sound of metal is especially clear, which may be the reason why laiya harp chooses metal string, while harp and konghou sometimes use nylon string.

Spruce Wood 10 String Lyre Harp


The concept of lyre originated in ancient Greece, but the connection is weak. In ancient times, musicians used lyre to show the universe and express the harmony between man and nature. In modern life, our attention to the environment will be disturbed by a lot of noise, and the quality audio source will gradually disappear.

The lyre has a very gentle tone and serene quality. In waldorf education, the lyre is a classical spiritual instrument that nourishes children's senses. Its voice is strong at first, then immediately becomes weak and becomes a soft echo, inadvertently changing from external listening to internal listening. When we play the lyre to our children, they are more likely to listen to their imagination and inspiration. They will find "activesilence" in listening, and the body will also resonate with them.

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