What is Tenor Ukulele?

- Mar 30, 2019-

The tenor ukulele is like the soprano’s eldest brother. The tone is a little deeper, bigger than the soprano and concert ukulele, but not as popular as a soprano or concert. The tenor ukulele is usually about 26 inches long, has between 15-25 sounds, and has a larger body than the soprano and music. Although the tenor’s range of performance is very similar to that of the concert ukulele, the tone of the larger body of the tenor makes it very different from the sound quality of concerts and sopranos.

The tenor is sometimes left out because there is no same ‘ukuleleish’ sound or feels like a soprano; however, it is accepted by many ukulele performers because it adds projection and warm tones, which makes the tenor very suitable Solo acoustic performance. The pitch on the tenor is farther than the soprano and the concert, making it slightly harder to play (or easier to play – depending on the size of your hand). If you are a beginner, you will usually be advised to start playing a concert or a soprano ukulele, but the tenor is suitable for some players who play better.

Laminated Sapele Tenor Ukulele

The tenor ukulele has two types of standard tuning, but in order to switch from one type to another, you need to change the string on your ukulele (or at least the G string). The two standard tunings for the tenor ukulele include the ‘normal’ re-entry G4-C4-E4-A4 tuning, and the G3-C4-E4-A4 octave bass G-string linear tuning.

The linear tuning of the alto ukulele increases the range of the instrument and produces a fuller sound, while the normal reentrant tuning maintains a more characteristic ukulele flavor. Both treble and low-pitched have their advantages, so it’s a good idea to decide which tuning is best for your performance and style before deciding to play and play.

The tenor ukulele is most commonly used with nylon polymer strings, or a mixture of nylon polymers and metal wound strings. The usage of the two basically comes down to personal preference, and some people prefer the more traditional sound made of nylon to the strings of warmer metal. Due to its larger design, the tenor is more expensive than the soprano and concert counterparts.

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