What is the difference between acoustic guitar and classical guitar

- Jul 15, 2020-

1. The appearance is different: the classical guitar neck is thick and short, acoustic guitar neck is thin and long.

2. The acoustic guitar case is larger than the classical guitar case.

3. Different materials: classical guitars use nylon strings, and acoustic guitars use steel strings.

4. Different timbre: the classical guitar sound is soft, round, subtle, warm, and the volume is very small. The acoustic guitar sound is crisp, bright and loud.

5.Different repertoires: classical guitars are suitable for playing classical repertoires, and acoustic guitars are suitable for playing modern music.

39inch Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar For Sale

Laminated Spruce wood 39inch guitar factory

36 Inch Travel Classical Guitar



Classical Guitar

Acoustic guitar

Machine Head

Generally use openpeg

Generally, use fully Closed chrome peg

Guitar String Winder

usually installed on the side wall of the headstock

usually installed behind the headstock


Generally 12 fretwire

Generally 14 fretwire(some small guitar also have 12 fretwire)

Fingerboard size


mostly 43mm-47mm

Fret marks

on the side of the neck

on the center of the fingerboard and the side of the neck


Nylon strings

Steel strings


International standard size 39 inches, 36 inches, etc.

International standard size 41 inches, 40, 39, 36 inches, etc.



Dreadnought Cutaway

Body shape

Jumbo, Sound; huge volume, full bass


End Pin

Classical guitar generally without end pin

Classical guitars generally have end pin (to facilitate strap fixing)

Bridqe Din

Classical guitars generally do not have bridqe din

Classical guitars generally

have bridqe din

Sale Length

the length of the string between the nut and the bridge, the strings in this interval can effectively and fully vibrate

Definition of guitar size

The length from the top of the head to the bottom of the guitar body: 1 inch = 2.54 cm

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