What is the difference between the sounds of various ukulele wood materials?

- Feb 19, 2020-

The core part of the ukulele is made of wood, so the quality of the wood determines the sound. The main part is several pieces of wood, the head and the neck are one piece, the front panel (top), the rear panel (back panel), and the side panel (side panel) one or two.

The ukulele wood is roughly divided into two types, one is calledLaminated woodand the other isSolid wood. Solid woodis a piece of wood cut and spliced,the wood grain is symmetrical, theLaminated woodis post-pressed. Theoretically, Solid woodhas a texture leap in sound performance than Laminated wood. Even Laminated wood ukulele, different woods can affect the sound.


Basswood is a kind of lighter weight neutral wood,It has a stable tone, has a fairly gentle tone and good sustain, but it is not very grainy. It has been widely used in Ukulele manufacturing industry, and has a good reputation for both price and quality.

Maple Wood

The hard maple is also used for the body due to its high density, bright sound and good continuity. Soft maple is lighter, has a better response to string vibrations, and has a brighter sound, but it is not as crisp as hard maple, which is milder.

Sapele Wood

A wood similar to mahogany in color and texture.Sapele is heavier than mahogany, and slightly brittle, with balanced audio in high, mid, and bass.

Height Sapele Wood  Ukulele

Mahogany Wood

The denser mahogany has a richer mid-range frequency and can handle various styles of music in a balanced manner. Mahogany is a kind of wood with excellent texture and natural musical characteristics. The sound quality is warm and perfect, the sound is warm and rich in low frequency, and has very good sustain characteristics, except that it lacks a huge resonance effect like rosewood.

Mahogany Wood ukulele

Cedar Wood

The harder cedar gives a round and full tone, which is very popular with finger players.

Spruce Wood

Spruce is a good choice for strumming and singing, with a bright tone and full expression.

Spruce Wood uku

Acacia KOAWood

Acacia KOAis recognized as the best wood for Ukulele! It is a very beautiful wood from Hawaii and it is very rare. It has long been banned from logging in Hawaii. Due to its excellent sound quality, it has a gentle sound similar to mahogany, but it is brighter and more grainy than mahogany. The appearance after painting is quite beautiful, and the sound of this wood will not appear until it is played for several years.

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