What is the Good Recommendation to Learn a Musical Instrument without any Musical Basis?

- Feb 15, 2019-

Musical instrument, is a key to open the door of music world, it can not only edify the body and mind, but also can be used for talent show.


1:In the first place that should be recommend definitely be ukulele, because it is easy to start, can be both accompanimented or soloa.and through this instrument we can systematically understand music, then contact with other instruments is much easier, easy to carry, suitable for young and old, it is really good for friends with zero basis.


2:Kalimba:The kalimba is really hot these days, but aside from the fact that it's an African instrument, it's nice and ethereal.Beautiful timbre, compact and portable, affordable, can play multiple parts, can also play while singing, is a good talent show props. But remember, more power also means more complex manipulation -- it has to know chords (unless you're always satisfied with a single part), and it has to work well with both hands, both of which are as difficult as the piano.


3:Cajon :If you want to learn percussion, feel a kind of Bohemian free feeling,Cajon box definitely be the first choice.Cajon is also known as a wooden drum set. The sound is similar to a drum set. In China, some professionals call it the drum box. Its timbre wooden drum set has a high improvisation space, suitable for accompaniment in a variety of styles.


For this three instruments, the voice quality is different, playing spot is different,  learn a musical instrument like a bicycle, no people are born to be learned, late is through learning to learn.To put it bluntly, action speaks louder than words.It is to say to that a professional line will need more attention.Always follow your heart.



Edit by Hodor Wong