What is the most popular instrument in the world?

- Aug 28, 2019-

Some people say that it is a piano (keyboard instrument), others say it is a violin, a trumpet, a harp, a harmonica, etc., and the answers are varied. The reasons are full, nice, and elegant. In fact, I feel that to analyze one thing, we must talk about it from various aspects, such as: the audience is the most important. First of all: "Most popular", this instrument should have a large audience, and most people know this instrument; secondly, many musicians. There are many well-known and non-known ones; secondly, the reasons people love and are popular. In fact, based on such factors, I think the preferred instrument should be a guitar.



First of all: almost no one in the guitar, this kind of instrument, from the beginning of elementary school, some parents bought a guitar as a gift for their children, and some even attended a class to learn guitar. The final result is not known, but at least, the popularity of the guitar is largely due to the love of many people;


Second: a large number of performers. In China, many performers are inseparable from guitars such as folk songs, pop songs, rock songs and so on. Every time you sing, you will have a guitar, sometimes you will change a different guitar for each song. The flexible and handsome stage style has greatly promoted the fans to a certain extent.



Guitar (English: Guitar), also translated as guitar or guitar, (pinyin pronunciation: geita). It belongs to the plucked instrument, usually has six strings, and the shape of the post-derived 12-string, 7-string, etc. is similar to the violin. The guitar is used in a variety of musical styles, and it is often regarded as the main instrument in pop music, rock music, blues, folk songs, classical, flamenco. In the field of classical music, guitars often perform in the form of solo or duo; of course, in chamber music and orchestra, the guitar also plays a considerable role in the foil. The guitar is also a ukulele, usually with six strings, but also four, eight, ten and twelve strings. He is from Spain, so we are also known as the Spanish guitar. The panel and the back panel are both flat, the waist of the body is generally hornless and concave, and the classical guitar generally has no depression. The neck is wide and long, with a string pillow on the fingerboard and a number of narrow, slightly raised metal crossbars, called "filaments", which divide the strings into many semitones.



There are two main types of guitars: one is a folk guitar with a long history and amplified with a wooden resonance box, and the other is an electric guitar that was invented in the twentieth century and amplified with electric loudspeakers. There are four types of acoustic guitars: flat guitars (also called folk guitars in China, such as: MARTIN), arched guitars (aka jazz guitars such as Gibson), classical guitars and flamenco guitars. Acoustic guitars are often used in classical music, folk music, and pop music. Electric guitars are often used for rock music, blues and pop music. The invention of electric guitars has an important influence on Western pop culture and music.


Another little-known is that the guitar guitar family's most "noble" classical guitar and violin, piano are listed as the world's three major instruments.


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