What's the Difference Between Ukulele and Guitar

- Mar 13, 2019-

1.In terms of appearance , the Ukulele and guitar are not that different, only in terms of size.The typical folk guitar we see is 39, 40, 41 inches, while the most common Ukulele is 21, 23, 26 inches, which is significantly smaller.


2.There is a big difference between a guitar and a ukulele in configuration. Whereas a folk guitar normally USES steel strings, Ukulele USES nylon strings. In this respect, ukulele is very much like a classical guitar.

3.In terms of playing techniques and range, they are also quite different. Folk guitar playing techniques more colorful, a wider range of sound. Ukulele, on the other hand, is relatively simple in technique and focuses on the high register, which is suitable for playing the fresh and lively music. So actually, Ukulele is very different from folk guitar. Short nylon strings and long steel strings, decided to use different techniques to play, out of the timbre gives a very different feeling.

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The guitar has a wider range of tones and is rich in emotional expression. But if you want to relax with a relaxing, happy, lazy tune, Ukulele sounds better than a guitar.

4. In terms of timbre and arrangement, Ukulele is characterized by only four strings and no bass strings, so the chord color may not be obvious, and often there will be two different chords with exactly the same method.

This is not good for practicing grilled song and learning music theory. The six strings of the guitar allow us to fully appreciate the difference between chords. Playing Cmaj7 and C on Ukulele may not sound very different, but it is obvious on the guitar. Playing the guitar for a long time is very helpful for practicing score picking and music theory learning.

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