Which ukulele and guitar are more suitable for girls, simple and fun

- Jan 09, 2019-

Yuk Lili


1, the strings are less (just four) the strings are nylon strings, press, just touch the fingers will not hurt

2, Yuk Lili is generally small size 24-26-28 and other size of the piano, the primary entry is also good to get started and easy to carry and put

3, relative to the guitar, Ukulele's chords are relatively simple and easy to press, nylon strings are soft and easy to make sounds, children, girls are more tender

4, the length and width of the fingerboard are relatively short and narrow, but also very popular with children, girls, the fingerboard of comparing 4 strings is easy to hold, not as wide as the guitar.


Different sizes of ukulele



1, the guitar has folk guitar - classical guitar selection of more types, as well as electric guitar

2, the guitar is mainly composed of 6-day strings (also 4-5-6-7-8, etc. 12). However, the guitar is relatively small, and most of them are 6 strings.

3, the general guitar size is 34-36-38-40-41 Commonly more three 40-41 size, 34-36-38 is generally children's guitar, travel guitar and so on.

4, 6 strings, it will be a lot more fingering, fingerboard is also wider and longer. The taste is also more and larger (compared to Ukulele) so the comparison of Ukuleli is difficult to get started.