Why Choose the Height' bag?

- Apr 04, 2019-

Bring your favorite game to the next game night in Height’s protective travel bag. With the large storage space of most board games and the customizable parts for small games, Height’s board game bag will make your next game meeting a hot topic.Travel bags suitable for board games and more.

An adjustable padded shoulder straps can be strapped or suspended from the shoulder for hands-free travel, or strapless straps with a sturdy, one-piece handle.

The compact, rectangular and semi-rigid design makes it easy and facility to install in a packaged car or trunk for camping, vacation and more. Bring your game to wherever you want to go with Height’s board game bag.

Transport Board Games Bags

Customizable game storage:

Create custom compartments with detachable dividers to store games of all sizes.

Large box with seat belts to hold the game in place

Delimiter for smaller game storage

Portable, Rugged, & Durable

A rugged design protects your games from the elements during travel.

Adjustable shoulder strap

Weather resistant base

Rugged semi-rigid design

Compact package for game nights

Bring a large board game of all kinds of smaller games to your game night in a convenient bag.

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