Why does the music stand have holes?

- Nov 14, 2019-

The holes in the music stand seem to have only decorative effects, but they are also used for other purposes. If you have a rope or thin line fixed spectrum, it is more necessary for some thicker spectra, or you can use a line or rubber band to bookmark, it is also a good way; if you want to put some small behind the music stand Items can be hooked on the platen with a small hook.

The holes in the music stand are not to make the weight of the equipment lighter. On the contrary, the heavier platen can be used to suit the stability of outdoor use. When used outdoors, it sometimes winds, and the holes in the platen can reduce the impact of the wind on the music stand and become more stable. The geneagrams we use are mostly packed in a dedicated book album, which is clipped to the music stand and can be protected from the wind.


One of the most important functions of the holes in the music stand is that on the opposite side of the platen, you can see if there is a spectrum on the music stand. For a group, this is what the commander must understand.

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