Zero-based learning How long does ukulele generally have to learn?

- Mar 01, 2019-

It is a dream of many people to play a musical instrument and be able to play freely. So, how long does it take for the zero-based society to learn ukulele? The following small series has compiled some relevant information for your reference!

1. How long does ukulele have to learn?

If you want to be effective, learn to play in the shortest time, and perform at the school class unit, it is recommended to learn ukulele, 1-3 months, you can learn a few songs to sing.

If you have time to practice slowly, learn to play the guitar first. In general, the difficulty of the guitar is more than double that of ukulele.

Regardless of boys and girls, learning to play Ukulele Ukulele is a cool thing, it will add value to its own image. More importantly, learning to play ukulele, or playing guitar, will add a lot of color and fun to your life, making your life happier and more romantic.

Nowadays, in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, children are 3 years old, 4 years old and 5 years old, but they are learning to play ukulele. Many kindergartens also open ukulele playing lessons, which are very popular among children and parents.

2. How much is ukulele?

Ukulele and folk acoustic guitars are instruments for all ages, and the price is relatively low and relatively close to the people, and it is easier to learn than other instruments. But the practicality is particularly strong. Campuses, classrooms, small squares, parks, homes, and friends gatherings can all be played. Therefore, they are very popular among petty bourgeoisie and young artists. And the price is very cheap, generally 200-300 yuan to achieve the grade of playing the piano.

The size problem is a big problem that beginners often entangled. Generally speaking, ukulele has three sizes of 21, 23 and 26. The 21-inch is small, mainly for the sing-along type. If you just want to play the newcomer, you can choose 21-inch, suitable for children. The 26-inch ukulele is relatively large in size and refers to the type of bullet. If it is a fingerstyle that pursues high standards, or boys can choose 26 inches.

The 23-inch between 21-inch and 26-inch can play and can be used as a bullet, so this size is also the most popular among young girls, and it is a relatively common model. Therefore, it is not clear how many sizes of ukrainian newcomers can be purchased according to their own needs, of course, combined with their own height for comprehensive consideration.

3. What are the benefits of learning ukulele?

1. As a specialty, you can enhance your self-confidence, increase your own social interactions, and let more friends look at each other.

2. As an art, ukulele can cultivate personal sentiment and artistic connotation, accept the influence of music culture, greatly improve the aesthetics of music, make yourself more temperament, and exude a literary atmosphere. .

3. As a musical instrument, ukulele can cultivate our sense of music, exercise our ability to coordinate with our left and right hands, and enhance our sense of rhythm. The learning of other instruments will also help meticulously.

4. As a learning subject, Ukulele's study can optimize our spare time, let us get rid of mobile phones and games, and make our spare time no longer boring and boring.

5. Can exercise our ability to express emotions and imagination. After learning some songs, we will have a sense of accomplishment, very confident, and cultivate our perseverance.