Double Side Keys Kalimba Solid Mahogany Thumb Piano Mbira Instrument

Item: HT175MS The thumb piano is small and easy to carry
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Product Details

Product Specification:

Item: HT175MS

Round Corner ,Double side keys kalimba

Body: Solid Mahogany Wood

Key: Carbon Steel

Style: 17 keys & 15 keys

Color: natural

Type: Thumb piano/Finger piano

Rhythm: More rich

Shippingport: Guangzhou/Shenzhen ,China

HT175MS Mahogany Kalimba 11

HT175MS Mahogany Kalimba 12

HT175MS Mahogany Kalimba 6

HT175MS Mahogany Kalimba 4


- The main function of thumb piano is used for accompaniment.

- When it is played, you should hold the main body by two hands, and then use two thumb to play with it.

- When the thumb presses and releases the piano, the steel slice will make sounds.

- The thumb piano is small and easy to carry.

- The vocal body part is a flexible metal bar with different lengths


1.What is the material of the17 Key Mahogany Kalimba?

Body ofkalimba is handmade from high quality mahogany and the tines are made from carbon metal. The harp like sounds that reverberate from your fingertips are so soothing and comforting.

2. Is the tune already set up when received 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba?

Yes, Kalimba 17 key is tuned and tested well before we ship them out.Kalimba has adopted international standard C tone.

Note: Due to transport turbulence the tone will may be not accurate, you need to tune up before playing

3.What is the usageof 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba?

The kalimba is a light hand held musical instrument that you can easily teach yourself to play with our instructional music book. It is easy to learn and easy to play, even for a beginner. It makes a lovely gift for children and adults who have an interest in music.