Kalimba 17 Notes For Beginners

Item No.: HT17M Full solid koa wood, sound good and durable in use
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Item No.: HT17M

Body: Solid Mahogany Wood

Key: Carb Steel

Style: 17 keys kalimba

color: natural

HT17M Mahogany 8

HT17M Mahogany 9

Kalimba advantage:

1. Full solid Mahogany wood, sound good and durable in use.

2. Mineral steel key, play comfortable and durable in use.

3.Two hole on the back, Rich in rhythm.

why 17 Key Kalimba is popular?

1 .The kalimba is easy to Play and Portable to go Just hold Kalimba in your hand and slide tunes by thumb.

2 It is also convenience when go outdoor with a portable bag to carry on.To gain your joys whenever and wherever.

3.Quick to Learn with a guidance: An instructions is prepared for beginners to learn how to use and tune Kalimba as well as learn some practical songs that also works for basic learner.


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