LCD Digital Guitar Ukulele Tuner ABS Plastic Tuner For Ukulele

Product Name: LCD digital guitar ukulele tuner ABS Plastic tuner for ukulele
Material:ABS Plastic
Tuning Mode :Vibration
Tuning Range :A0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186Hz)
Precision±1 Cent
Response Time <20ms
Power :3V(CR2032 Lithium Battery, Included)
Type:Clip style Colorful LCD display ,360 degree Swivel clip
Application:Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Chromatic
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Product Details

Height Ukulele Tuner Description

ukulele  accessory

Product Name: LCD digital guitar ukulele tunerABS Plastictuner for ukulele

Model: HTTN01

Material:ABS Plastic

Tuning Mode :Vibration

Tuning Range :A0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186Hz)

Precision±1 Cent

Response Time <20ms

Power :3V(CR2032 Lithium Battery, Included)

Type:Clip style Colorful LCD display,360 degree Swivel clip

Application:Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Chromatic


Brand Name: Height

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Sample day:3-15 days

Delivery Time:15-40 days After Received Payment

ShipmentWay:Express/Air Transportation/Sea Transportation/Railway Transportation


Height Ukulele Tuner Pictures

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Height Ukulele Tuner Detail Show

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Height Ukulele TunerInstructions

1. Ukulele has four strings, called A, E, C, and G strings from bottom to top.

2. Knowing strings is the basic knowledge of tuning. Turn the tuner to the U position, and an obvious U letter below indicates that the adjustment is successful.

3. The correct tone from top to bottom of the tuner should be G, C, E, A.

4. Clamp the tuner to the center of the ukulele head and tune each string one by one. Tune the first string above, and twist the corresponding twist of the first string according to the tightness.

5. According to the principle of forward tightness and reverse looseness, it is known that the pointer of the letter G on the tuner points to the center, and the tuner turns green, indicating that the tuning of this string is completed.

6. Continue to tune the second string until the letter G appears on the tuner and the screen turns green at the center of the pointer line. The letter E appears on the third string, and the letter A appears on the fourth string. The tuning is complete.

Height Ukulele TunerFeatures

1.LCD display, 2 colors backlight: green- in tune, white- out of tune.

2. One-button operation, easy and convenient to use.

3.Compact size clip-on tuner for chromatic/ guitar/ bass/ ukulele/ violin.

4. Rotatable design, allows you to have the best viewing angle.

5. For helping you to find the accurate tuning of your instrument.

About U

Our Product

Height Musical Instrument includes the following products:
1. Cajon including standard size Cajon, middle size Cajon, kids Cajon and small percussion
2. Kalimba including 17 note koa kalimba,17 note mahogany kalimba, 10 note koa kalimba,10 note mahogany kalimba and double size functional kalimba
3. Ukulele including Soprano Ukulele, Concert Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele, Baritone ukulele and electric bass ukulele
4.Music bags like ukulele bag, kalimba bag, guitar bag, Cajon bag and different kinds of bags
5.Board Game Bag including standard size board game bag, middle size board game bag, small size board game bag and card game cases.

Product Application

1. All musical instruments like Cajon, kalimba and ukulele are applied to play solo or play with other musical instruments. It can also be played by kids, students and adults.

2. The guitar bag, ukulele bag and kalimba bag is applied to storage guitars in differing sizes, ukulele and kalimbas in differing sizes.

3. Board Game Bag is used to store all differ sized board games, like standard size 30*30*7cm or sizes around it, or middle size game, small size game and small game accessories like game cards, dices, miniatures, and meeples etc.

Our Certifications and Production Equipment

Height Music always feel that all the success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as EN71 certification, USA CARB Certification, FSC certification, REACH certification.

We are capable of mixing and producing an infinite number of Cajon box, kalimba, ukulele and board game bags with advanced equipment such as CNC, automatic line, Yinpin automatic sawing machine and automatic electrostatic spraying machine, electric sewing machines, single-thread sewing machines. With such resources, our production capacity reaches 30, 000 pieces per month and delivers orders within 35-45 days.


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