2020 Height Musical Youth Art Growth Summer Camp Phase 5

- Jan 11, 2020-

Happy winter vacation, artistic elegance Happy winter vacation, I am most elegant. The winter vacation is coming to an end, let's grab the tail of winter together! And what way is the most perfect winter vacation ENDING? Are you busy going for an internship? Still busy playing with mobile phones?

Let Xiaobian tell you secretly! !! There was a place in Guangdong. You can enjoy food and music, and all the people here are filled with happy smiles! !! In the winter camp of Height Ocarina Cultural and Creative Park, all the activities are led by Guangdong's experienced team and community activities team, baking team and Height Ocarina teaching teacher team.

This winter camp, rich and diverse courses is our biggest feature. With Ocarina music as the theme, children can not only learn the long history of Ocarina, music rules and regulations, but also play the Ocarina, and appreciate the Ocarina music.

In addition, in this course, we have added VR eyeball experience and basic courses of Russian martial arts. What's more important is to inspire children's imagination and creativity through a series of DIY activities and games. When children come here, they can also cultivate teamwork and autonomous thinking.

Through your own hands, complete your own small world. The students of Laiya are exquisite in craftsmanship and unlimited creativity! Check out these mouth-watering hand-made PIZZA, or shape cookies full of warmth!

Every day my classmates keep asking: Teacher! !! What to do in a moment, this is more fun than an amusement park! Every day, the students came to the park with full expectations and walked with full memories. Every day here, in addition to learning various creations, there are endless laughter!

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